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21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting with Sunnyside Church

January 11th-31st

Welcome to the 21 day spiritual journey with your Sunnyside family. Prayer and fasting is a great way to grow closer to God (Matt. 6:16-18), become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit as you resist the cravings of the flesh (Romans 8:1-17), and to see spiritual breakthrough in your life (Isaiah 58:6-14). The beautiful thing about fasting is the time you would normally spend cooking, eating, and cleaning up the mess that time can now be devoted to prayer and listening to God through His Word and His Spirit.

Things you can consider fasting could be: one meal per day, food all together, television watching, social media, or sugar (it could be something else too). Typically, in the past, I knew what I needed to fast because I had overindulged, like too much coffee for example. Please do not do an all out fast of food if you haven’t before without first consulting your doctor. Please know this is something you get to do if you want. No one has to participate, so please don’t feel obligated to do so. It’s a “get to” not a “have to!”

Whether this is your first time or not I highly recommend using a journal to write down daily prayers, Scriptures you read, struggles you’re having, and answers to prayer! Once you sign up, you’ll receive a daily encouragement from one of our pastors which will include a Scripture and a thought from them on this journey together. The staff and I deeply believe we’re going to see God do incredible things in and through our lives as a result of this obedience to deeper devotion with Him.

Sign up here:

21 days of Prayer & Fasting

God bless you on your deeper pursuit of Him,

Pastor DJ

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