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A Call to Prayer and Fasting | Mission of Jesus

In light of the recent events of COVID-19, the brutal death of George Floyd, the rioting, and the harsh political climate, I have sensed a strong need to pray for our church, the body of Christ,our community, country, and world.

This past Wednesday the pastors of North Clackamas had our first ‘in person’ prayer meeting in three months. It was good to be together, yet our hearts were heavy with the recent unrest in our nation. Collectively we all felt led to call our churches to a season of prayer and fasting as the united body of Christ. I sensed the Spirit’s presence and pleasure in this. I do not want to put an ending date on this because I believe it is something organic that the Holy Spirit has given birth to and I don’t want to get in His way.

Here is the invitation, starting this week, let’s begin together to fervently pray the Lord’s Prayer on the back of this page (and whatever else God leads us to) regularly over our families, our church family, the body of Christ locally and throughout our nation, for our country, and for the entire world. Also, consider fasting from something–a meal, food, entertainment, social media, etc. whatever Jesus directs you to do, so that this can be a focused and effective season of prayer (Matt. 6:5-18; Col. 4:2; James 5:16).

On Wednesdays, particularly, most of the pastors and I will be fasting a meal or food for the entire day, please consider joining us in that. Let’s believe for God’s powerful love (Eph. 3:1421) to bring a mighty revival in our lives, our church, and the body of Christ, so that we can begin to see true repentance, forgiveness, healing, and revival sweep through the streets of our city and perhaps even our country.

Pray with me for the kingdom of heaven to break into the kingdom of darkness. I know we see hell breaking loose on the news, but I saw a glimpse of heaven on the streets of Portland last Sunday as I rallied with brothers and sisters in Christ to pray, preach the gospel, and peacefully cry out for justice. It was beautiful, it was the church, it happened to be on Pentecost, and I believe it was just a sample of what Jesus desires to do and will do!

Will you join me in this call to prayer? Please let me know if you’re in!

Also read Isaiah 58 to see the Lord’s Heart for a Genuine Fast

Your brother in Christ, DJ

Lord’s Prayer

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